Kit Gameboy Zero Dmg-01 NUEVO This package is for projects such as Game Boy Zero, Retropie, Super Game Girl. Its a great start to your project! Heres what you get: 1. 4 Button PCB (button colors will vary) 2. New Gameboy Shell. 3. 4 buttons / directional pad / power switch. 4. 2 Sets of 2 Button Conductive Pads and 4 Way Conductive Pad 4. Top screw brace 5. Bare Speaker that fits case perfectly 6. assorted screws. 7. Alignment jig to help cut the holes perfectly PCB Features: * PCB Made In The USA with high quality Lead Free HASL finish * 1.27mm-spaced solder points for use with common ribbon cable hook-up wire * d-pad, start, select, A, B, X, and Y buttons available * Additional grounds in the top left and right corners, handy to add in more buttons if needed


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Kit Gameboy Zero Dmg-01
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